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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Thinking about how long I have kept up blogging so far, I see this as a hobby I could keep up on a long term basis. In the past however, I haven't been as successful with the various projects/hobbies I began when much younger.

1. Youtube's next breakout popstar
Singing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, simply because it cheers me up so much. I've never sung professionally but I am reasonably good, having sung in performance for GCSE music (legit). In roughly year 8/9 I decided to set up my own Youtube channel recording myself singing and playing the keyboard (Big up grade 3). Very typical year 8 music, a LOT of Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne. Alas I quit my career in pop stardom after only a few months, pretty much because of the pitiful view count, and because I was embarrassed that my family could hear me recording in my room (cringe).

2. Youtube's next top creator of Sims 2 videos
No I'm not joking. I was absolutely obsessed with the Sims 2, amassing a total of 10 expansion packs. I remember around year 7/8 watching a lot of videos of actual series created on the Sims 2 and being so impressed. I remember trying to create a series set in a Sims high school, based around very typical themes: pretty girls, hot boys and school romance. Writing this is only confirming how cool I was at this time. But again my video production career came to a close after limited views (shocker) and how long it took to make one video!
This was one of my favourite Sims 2 videos back in the day - classic.


3.The UK's youngest journalist
Back in year 6, I randomly decided to create my own newspaper for fellow classmates. I even had the cheek to charge people about 20p before it had gained popularity! I covered all sorts of burning year 6 issues - the best websites for gaming, top bebo profiles and my favourite books at the time. I released two issues in total before deciding how much time it took running a newspaper all by myself. I mean seriously I had so much work to do with SATS and chatting with friends on MSN to run something as time consuming as that! I was also playing a lot of Dolphin Olympics (bonus points if you remember it too!)


These hobbies tell me a lot about my interests at my age, as I still sing everyday getting ready to go out (I'm singing right now) but I've always been self-concious about singing in front of other people. Like blogging I hid all of these projects from most people, partly because I was scared what people would think, but also cause it was nice to have a project all to myself with the ability to do whatever I wished with it. Blogging gives you the freedom to post about whatever interests you, and for me it gives me a little web space to develop my writing skills, document little bits about my day to day life without the fear of people who know me reading it. I am proud of the fact that I have managed to create fresh content for over a year and still have no intention of stopping, regardless of page views or number of followers.

Thanks for reading! xx

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