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Friday, 23 May 2014

Hey lovelies, I've been excited to try out new skincare bits since receiving my goody bag from the #sotonmeetup, you can see all the contents here! First up I've tried some bits from Manuka Doctor, a high end skincare brand.

I've tried this twice now and I can really see the difference! This has the consistency of a moisturiser, you leave one layer on for up to half an hour, both times I ended up taking this off after roughly 20 minutes because it makes your face a little stiff. I wondered if this would make my skin flare up a little after leaving it on for much longer than a normal face mask, but my skin looked much brighter and clearer. I did feel my skin tingle slightly after leaving this on about 5 minutes, which I figured would be the purified bee venom, it certainly felt like it was making a difference! 

After using the mask I applied this straight after, I highly recommend this because it can leave your skin feeling quite tight! This has a similar consistency to the mask, thicker but it absorbs quite quickly. I left this on overnight as advised, and the combination produces a very glowy complexion! The redness in my cheeks was much less noticeable, and my skin was so soft. I couldn't stop touching it! 

Overall I would say they are a worthy repurchase, however the price of a full sized tub for both is pretty steep. If I wasn't living on student funds I'm sure I would purchase it as I've already used this small sample size twice now and there's still plenty of product left, so evidently it would last you a long time. But for now I will be using much more purse friendly options! 

Thanks for reading! Have you used these before? What did you think? xx

*Both products were gifted in the goody bag, all opinions are completely my own.

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