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Friday, 25 April 2014

As you may know I've been spending some quality time for almost 4 weeks at home for the Easter break, and as a result I haven't been able to keep up my fitness as often as at uni. I ended up playing badminton at least 3/4 times a week for Southampton, as part of their postgraduate team, club nights and matches for the women's league and at the recreational club, as well as this I'm going to try playing more regularly for the uni's undergrad squad too! In other words, I was keeping myself quite fit.

I knew I would miss the regular opportunity for sport once I was back home, since I no longer train with the county's squad, leaving only a local club night I attended weekly. My first thought would be to join a gym, and how wrong this decision turned out to be! Luckily it didn't cost me anything because my family's already part of a local leisure centre but the gym really isn't for me. Okay so I only went to one session but I couldn't stand the atmosphere in there, I felt like everyone was looking at each other the whole time, so I couldn't relax at all. Also after an embarrassing attempt on the cross trainer I felt I should do the machine some justice and just stop. The other thing I found was that all the different exercises got so dull after about 2 minutes, even with headphones in, meaning that I would space out and exercise on auto pilot instead of pushing myself.

Despite this experience, the gym did make me want to focus a little on my cardio strength whilst I've had the time back home, and after reading Into The Gloss's post on pilates it compelled me to find something different which I hadn't tried before. I'd heard much about Blogilates by Cassey Ho on Youtube so I tried one of her cardio videos, and I've seen been a fan ever since! I love love love that she keeps her videos so light-hearted and not too motivational. You know what I mean, when the instructor's telling you every 5 seconds that "YOU CAN DO THIS!" and "COME ON JUST 10 MORE!". I also love that she chats away to her audience like you might encounter in an actual fitness class - it distracts you from the amount of exercise you're actually doing and feels a lot less like hard work.

My favourite cardio videos of hers include -
Heart on Fire | POP Cardio - a great all over body workout that gets your heart rate soaring - there are lots of elegant but tricky moves in order to increase your core strength and tone your legs and bum, I really recommend this one.

POP CARDIO: Summer Sweatfest - The first video I watched on her channel and this does a great job of getting you moving about, and it's really fun too! Also Cassey looks amazing in this video which really motivated me to work harder.

WHOA WHOA!! Whole Body Workout | POP Pilates - This one is a lot harder than the other two, as it focuses a bit more on the legs and abs, and trust me they will hurt after this one! But it's a good pain and it's completely worth it.

I tend to do cardio when I feel a bit sluggish at home and because these videos are so short they don't cut into my packed lazy days. I've done roughly 7 or 8 videos, repeating them all in a rotation and I can really see a difference. My stomach feels much flatter, my legs more toned and less wobbly on my thighs, and in general I just feel happier about my fitness level. As much as I love badminton, it's nice to do a variety of exercise to push your body's boundaries to the limit. I will definitely be carrying on this routine when I go back to uni!

Thanks for reading (: Have you tried Blogilates before? xx

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