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Friday, 16 May 2014

Hey lovelies! I realise I don't often talk to you about my hair routine, mainly because I don't have one. It's literally that I rotate a small group of shampoos and conditioners constantly, never sticking too long to a offering because it's as if the effect of the duo wears off after one or two washes. Anyone else know this pain? With hair products it's pretty much the same story. I don't like to weigh my hair down with too much product because it's thick so I don't need it to become much heavier than it already is! Some days I just feel like adding something extra to my hair, and more often than not I'll reach for something from L'Oréal. Overall L'Oréal is a good quality brand for hair products, and certainly good value for money.

Elvive Triple Resist Leave In Treatment
For a while I used this when one of my shampoos was causing my hair to malt so easily (noice) to stop so much fall out when I brushed it and in the shower. I could never massively tell how much of an effect this had on my hair, because it seemed that it would be the quality of the shampoo that would affect how much fall out I would get. It comes in a form of a spray that you spritz all over your roots and brush through to distribute evenly, and then gently massage into the scalp. I prefer to put this on every now and again at night before I go to bed, rather than in the morning as it can leave the roots looking a bit shiny for my liking. 

Matt & Messy Shine-free Salt Spray
This is my most recent L'Oréal purchase out of the lot, when I wanted something to add a bit of volume to my hair because after washing my hair could be a bit too flat and shiny, meaning I could do very little to it. You only need a few sprays with this, enough not for it to become all rigid like hairspray but enough to add a bit of grit. Even though the bottle's quite small, because you only need to use a little bit each time, this stuff lasts a long time so it's worth the money!

Tecni Art Intense Control Smoothing Serum
This is from the L'Oréal Professionel range, not as available as widely as their Elvive and Studio Line ranges, but found mainly in salons and online. I would say this is similar to the notorious John Freida Frizz Ease Serum, but not as heavy. Often I'll use this just before blow drying my hair to add shine and tame fly aways. You only need a pea size amount to run through your hair, I can't actually remember how long I've had this because it's lasted that long. 

Elvive Extraordinary Oil for All Hair Types
This is without a doubt my favourite out of all the lot, I bought this a few weeks after this came out for the first time and I STILL have half a bottle left! Again all you need is a little amount to distribute among the hair. I tend to apply this halfway through blow drying if I haven't applied anything else, to give it a nice sheen. This makes my hair nice and soft too and much more manageable. It has a nice subtle fragrance too, not too argany smelling but pleasant enough to catch subtle whiffs every now and again. I think the bottles just gorgeous too!

Tecni Art Smooth Control Gel-Cream
Another part of the Liss Control range that is nice to use before blow drying. I went through a phase of wanting really straight hair, alas this obsession didn't last long! I still use this every now and again but really it's not what I reach for most. Nevertheless this smooths the lengths of my hair nicely whilst making it softer. You only need one or two drops of this because it's quite a heavy formula, then comb through and blow dry or leave to dry if you want to control frizz properly.

I'd say overall these products do much the same thing; the Extraordinary Oil and the two Tecni Art products give very similar results, however the Oil gives a shinier look, really it depends on how I want my hair to look that day. All products are great at providing instant quick fix results for someone like me who is very spontaneous with looking after my hair, I find it's very difficult to establish a routine with hair as thick and unpredictable as mine!

Thanks for reading! Have you tried any of these products before? What did you think? xx

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