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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Hi lovelies! On Saturday I went to my first ever blogger meet up right in my local city. The event was brilliantly organised by Alice and Amy, held at Orange Rooms. It was a bit bizarre going there during the day as I was so used to seeing it at night during freshers when Bedford Place was full of students! However the food and drink was incredible, so I'm sure I'll be paying their place another visit in the not too distant future.

I felt a little nervous before being warmly welcomed by 22 other bloggers sat around chatting and drinking cocktails, and it seemed for many others it was also their first meet up! The nerves vanished pretty much straight away, I often find it easy to chat to people I've just met, especially when everyone there had a lot in common!
I ordered the Crab Your Enthusiasm burger, which was so nice as I've never had crabmeat in a burger before! Definitely something I want to try and make myself. I held back on the cocktails as I was ever so slightly hungover from a night out... Here I sat and chatted to Sophie, Jess and Holly whilst demolishing our food!

Here is my face for the day, using pretty much all the makeup featured in my Date Makeup post. I kept the look nice and simple as I planned to go out later on in the evening!

Having eaten our meals, we continued to chat at our tables a little longer, the girls gave out 6 prizes to lucky winners in the raffle and then they brought out the magnificent goody bags! We were so impressed by the sheer amount they fit into an average sized bag... all of this!!

 Honestly with this lot I have enough Dr. Organic face masks to last me a lifetime! I'm excited to try out lots of new products that I haven't discovered before. I'm so thankful having come across the opportunity of the meet up a week before on Twitter, and I'm happy that I branched out and asked to go without hesitation. It's not often blogging opportunities near to Southampton come up and this event was so perfectly organised by the girls it's made me excited to attend another! I met some wonderful girls and I'm grateful for feeling so welcome the whole afternoon.

Thanks for reading! xx

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself! Was so nice to meet you. Enjoy your goodies xx

    1. Thank you! yeah you too I had such a nice time (: xx

  2. Glad you came and had a good time. It was lovely to meet you. :) x

    1. Yeah I had a brilliant time! yeah you too (: x


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