worst week ever

Friday, 8 March 2013

This may have been one of the worst weeks of my life.

That sounds super depressing but I think I've felt awful almost every day this week, apart from Tuesday when I got to go watch some badminton for free in Birmingham! It was such a nice break from school and reaaaally cool to watch national players from all over the world. I'm so sick of school and the pressure i've felt from it recently, venting away here but I need somewhere to express my frustration.

I have now accepted I will always be someone who has to work three times harder than everyone else to achieve the same grade, and it is unbelievably annoying watching someone who has barely prepared get higher marks than you, but I guess c'est la vie. I've been moping all week so I really need to shut up about it to be honest; final rant! 
I'm sure many people have the same problem as me, but in the future I know this will help me out when I could potentially drown under the university workload, and I should have more motivation. 

So time for me to finally stop depressing myself about one grade; once and for all, goodbye misery and I shall work just as hard to get my grades! 

Let's all be happy yayayay! (: 

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