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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Yes I did just post about an hour or two ago, I'm feeling very talkative tonight though.

I'm also really happy that lots of people in different countries have had a look at my blog; particularly from those in France and Spain cause it's nice to think that they can have a look at my translation into their language. I'm always wanting to improve so any corrections are widely welcomed! In the last hour I've made a little discovery, that on twitter there is a space for bloggers to share with others, it's nice to see that more popular bloggers make an effort to look at newer people.  I'm secretly wishing that someone really cool that I'm following will maybe stumble upon my blog, I really admire their work!

I'm assuming though it takes time to build a reputation, although I'm not sure what category mine would fit into. Some fashion, some celebrity admiration, some language translation, bit odd, non? 
If no one wants to admit it, everyone secretly wants to be noticed and praised, just people don't want to sound desperate and a bit sad to be honest. Me included, at school I don't like speaking confidently about myself, a very British thing I think. It's frowned upon to be confident and put yourself forward. I wish I had that confidence to do just that but then I don't want to be seen as cocky or overconfident. It's a real shame I guess, hopefully in the future I shall not be afraid to flaunt whatever it is that my talent is! 

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  1. Thanks,for the follow.^^
    Follow you back on bloglovin.
    Hope you visit my blog again...


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