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Monday, 18 March 2013

Tonight, completely by chance I discovered an artist who exactly matched and complemented my mood.

The name of this wondrous character is Ed Harcourt. I'm annoyed i've only just found him, he seems the perfect drift off to sleep singer, which could've helped me fall asleep within minutes for a long time! Wow i'm gushing a tad, I was just taken aback by the way in which his music relaxed me so much in the space of five minutes. I haven't had the most wonderful day today, and my tiredness was almost lifted away, just magical! 

I just felt I had to tell everyone because his songs just seem to radiate emotion, so beautiful. I would even go so far as to admire him as much as I admire OneRepublic, who also inspire me massively. I love how understated they are as a band, that never compromise their sound in order to gain a chart standing. The majority of their music just makes me blissfully happy, particularly Good Life. It always conjures up lovely and sweet memories for me, but also immediately lifts me out of a bad mood, incredible for someone like me, who LOVES wallowing in a bad mood, I like being stubborn... 

So yeah go listen to both of them, and if you haven't listened to either you are completely missing out!

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