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Friday, 29 March 2013

I'm really excited as I've just seen on Spotify Onerepublic's new album, currently having a little dance to myself, only on the first song and I know I like! I love when an album has more than just the regular 11/12 songs, it suggests that the artist's put way more effort into their work!

Went off on a bit of a tangent there, oh well. I just had a look at my dresser and realised how little make up I have. When I was in around year 8/9 I used to put so much stuff on, you know that awful tester stage when you think that bright green eyeshadow's definitely going to work with blue mascara? Nowadays I'm very stubborn with the make up I use, Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express Smoky Eyes and Rimmel's Scandal Eyes, then either Maybelline's BB Cream or Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector, et voila; all done. Because I wear like no make up during the week even wearing that little makes a huge difference to my appearance. I have no interest in doing the primer, concealer and foundation thing because it'll just making my skin looking worse than before I started; I barely ever get spots but my cheeks are always pretty rosy so I don't need blusher or bronzer or whatever. I like experimenting with my nails though, I've been late getting into it but I love the crack effect on nails it looks so goood, I really wanna try all the other recent trends; Leather effect, and the textured magnetic effect. I prefer experimenting here because it's not obvious that you've changed your original look, and it's fun to do different patterns on my nails because it's a subtle expression of personality. 

I think over the years I've just become very disillusioned with colour on my face because it reminds me of my horrifying makeup phase when I'd try literally anything thinking it would look good. If anything I'd like to become comfortable with a red lip, but again it just seems a bit garish and most girls I know don't really experiment with colour makeup wise - we're all comfortable with a familiar look that we've used over and over again. That's what I love about familiar looks - you know that even if you look crap and you've had a rubbish day, you know that your go - to look will make you look better, regardless of your mood. 

Music update, LOVING Native! Very very Killers-esque when they had their "Human" and "Spaceman" stage. Very insightful and inspiring. Probably how I managed to write so much today having 20 minutes ago not been that sure on what to write about. 

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