happy easter

Sunday, 31 March 2013

I don't know if it's just me but Easter never really feels like a public holiday for me, probably because I'm not religious. Still bring on the social normality of eating loads and loads of chocolate! 

I'm hoping for the weather to pick up soon, sick of wearing jumpers and coats and 2 million extra layers! Although I must say I'm loving still being able to wear my new super skinny jeans that don't feel like jeans, they're god's gift, and they're from Primark yes buddy. 
At the moment my absolute top thing on my wishlist is a satchel, but I think they're a bit out of season now, doh! I love the classic style satchels from the Cambridge Satchel company, but they're veeery out of my budget as a part time working 17 year old. This lilac design is so so gorgeous; 
£105, Cambridge Satcehl Company, Asos.

This post feels like a bit of a babbling to be quite honest, I don't really feel like easter or spring is actually here and I have a rubbish cold that I caught off my lovely father, great! Gonna get on with some work now I think, if I can motivate myself properly... enjoy your Easter gals!

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