Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sundays seem so pointless compared to the rest of the week. 

Most days are filled with activities during the week, then there's Sunday. I always get so bored because there's so much time to do nothing. It takes serious motivation to make myself do work on this day because everyone else seems to be lazing about! Today I have barely moved from my bed, apart from for watching the Men's singles All England badminton final on the tv, ridiculously exciting! I'm gutted I didn't get the chance to watch either Chen Long or Lee Chong Wei in Birmingham on Tuesday, I can forever dream! 

How cute is Chen Long as well?! Clearly knows how to have fun while playing an insane game of badminton. He thoroughly deserved to win against Lee Chong Wei, absolutely superb game today! 

Apart from that, I've spent my afternoon cruising the internet, doing some homework and being bored to be honest.

Perhaps I should explain my choice of background, I've thought this for a while yet I haven't bothered. The beautiful image is of the city of Rouen, in northern France. Last summer I spent a week there doing work experience, and parts of it genuinely took my breath away, such as the cathedral in the centre; the architecture inside was incredible with four wings, a bit like St. Pauls Cathedral in London. I'm not religious, yet the atmosphere inside was just mystical and rather spiritual. The old, cobbled bits of Rouen were just so cute and picturesque, and I loved being on my own parts of the day to go explore, I gained some rare independence! Although my workplace wasn't the most exciting place to have gone, I got a lot of opportunity to speak French to the owner, so I found it extremely beneficial for my speaking. 

Rather random post, oh well! Also I've just joined Bloglovin', Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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