Sunday, 3 March 2013

I feel like I've hit a bit of a wall.

Over half term I had loads to say, yet now I'm back to school i'm definitely struggling to motivate myself to write every day. Obviously my schoolwork will always be my priority, even if it is awfully difficult to get that done too. 

In my opinion this week has zooomed by, haven't really got much done though. Monday morning I will slap myself to give me some energy because I know how much work I need to do!

Some more information about me; I love fashion magazines. I have a massive stack of Cosmopolitan, Glamour, more! and Company under my table, I will soon not have enough room left. I'll read pretty much any women's magazines - even the free supplements that come with the weekend newspaper. There's something about the structure of a glossy; bit of celebrity gossip, top outfits, beauty tips etc and then one of my guilty pleasures, the horoscopes at the end!
I mean I don't believe in horoscopes wholeheartedly, but it's interesting to see if what they've conjured up matches with how your life is going at present. 

I must say though I'm really not a fan of magazines solely dedicated to celebrity gossip - especially when it's gossip about those who I personally wouldn't class as a real celebrities, such as reality stars and members of the Big Brother house. I take a small interest in celebrities' lives but only those who I really admire, such as Rihanna and others who I've already crowed about on here. Millie Mackintosh is my only exception here because her sense of style is incredible, even if she is a reality star. I love magazines with great variety, and also intelligent articles which you wouldn't necessarily expect them to publish - Company, Glamour and Cosmopolitan are perfect examples of this.

They demonstrate that magazine reading can also prove intelligent reading, because they don't simply write about how cool some new "it" bag is, the content prevents the reader from feeling that their magazines are for very fashion dependent and brainless women. Completely the opposite! Funny I titled this post speechless - once I started writing again it all flooded out anyway!

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