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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Happy sunday guys and gals! Hope you're lazing about or revising or going out today, I'm doing all three, revision's done haha. And now, onto my next music phase, which has definitely stuck.

My sudden fascination with Lana Del Rey was very unexpected I must say. I remember hearing "Video Games" for the first time and thinking oh god, this is rather hipster and ignoring her music for a while. Then maybe a month later I listened to her on spotify and loved "Born To Die" (listening to it right now hehe), then gave "Video Games" another chance, and loved it. I think it took a little while to appreciate her style of music, and now I love how her lyrics exude a certain elegance and sophistication. Her melodies remind me of music from classic Hollywood films and the 50's era. What's more her voice is so unique and pretty, especially when she hits higher notes, I think her music makes me feel like a princess in my own little world. Sounds crazy but you can easily get swept up in the image her music creates in your head. And for this reason, I still love love love her music to this day and will definitely continue to love it for some time.  


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