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Sunday, 7 April 2013

A little weekend update.

So Saturday I went into London, always so exciting! I live around an hour away from London yet I still barely visit there, such a tragedy because I love shopping there. I wish I could go to Oxford Street more often because it's literally my shopping haven, all my favourite shops from my usual town enlarged! Unfortunately we couldn't go shopping at all yesterday because my family were celebrating my mum's graduation ceremony at The Barbican exhibition centre, for her chemistry degree. I was so proud of her for her massive achievement, she's almost superwoman! 

I think London is just so different to most places in England, this may be because I'm from a not that busy place in the South East, therefore London traffic seems like an absolute nightmare compared. My main point being I need need need to go shopping there soon my god. All was not lost however; we stopped off in Staines on the way, never been there before but it was quite cute and had plenty of shops!
I finally got round to buying some heat protection spray by TRESemm√©, albeit the handbag version, was not gonna buy the massive one to then find out it's rubbish! I also bought L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist Reinforcing Treatment, feeling a little sceptical as I haven't really used leave in treatments before but it hopefully makes a difference my hair has been a nightmare as of late. 
And my bargain's of the day, L.A Colors Top Coat Rapid Dry and L.A Colors Color Craze in a lovely purple colour, for a grand total of £1.98! Their nail polishes are such bargains, for 99p each the staying power is so good, and the colour is so rich with just one coat! So there we go if you haven't heard of them, they're available at Beautybase or probably somewhere online (: Finally I also bought Collection 2000 Pump Up The Volume Mascara, I lovee boots 3 for 2 offers hahah! Never used this also, so I'm gonna see how it does for me when I go to Cosmo tonight with my gal pals (: 

As for today I've been very very unproductive, think I sat on the sofa for about 4 hours without moving at all. I tried to counter -act this by writing a spanish essay so now I feel better and that I haven't completely wasted my day! But as afore mentioned I'm going for yummy buffet food to Cosmo tonight with my friends could not be more excited for endless foood! Hope you have a nice sunday, back to hardcore revision for me on Monday joys joys (:

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