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Friday, 19 April 2013

I feel that I've been quite lazy this week regarding the blog, I haven't found a good moment to post something  of quality!

So, little update of my week. Went back to school Monday, and have slowly adjusted to the pace of school again! Must say though I would've really struggled to come up with something to talk about during the week.

Thinking I should say a little more about my taste in music. Sure, I idolise Gabrielle Aplin and Rihanna as they are beautiful and amazing. But thinking back, I have gone through so many phases since around 12 years old - Over the next week or so I shall take you through my musical past phase by phase -

Phase Number 1:
Taylor Swift. Her music these days is rather top 40, however when I was young and in year 7 her music was very cute, country and sickly sweet. My faves had to be Hey Stephen, Our Song (adorable) and Stay Beautiful. I must say her songs gave me a fair bit of false hope for relationships with boys later on though, wasn't that happy when I found that not all were romeos! One thing's for sure, I loved singing and playing keyboard along to her songs they're so easy to play. 

More music phases coming soon (:

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