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Friday, 5 April 2013

Today I caught up with all recent posts from blogs I follow.

I tend to not read anyone's blogs for a while then suddenly catch up with recent stuff about 2 days late, when I feel like getting inspiration and just reading something a bit different! I've spent a lot of this week revising and doing extra work with my French and Spanish, so any time spent on the computer has been my relax time, such as now. I've put away my history work for the evening so I can put some real and focused effort into this post haha! Just joking ahaha...

Thanks to reading various inspiring posts today, I've decided to go stock up on some beauty things that I haven't been bothered to go buy until now, my hair is being a little brat and is all dry and useless, so I'm off to go buy some heat protection spray, i'm such an idiot for never using it before blow drying my hair! It's little things like that that following other blogs have made me realise that my routine has been very very lazy for a long time... I'm going to make sure I don't just wipe my makeup off with a makeup wipe? Literally had no idea they're really bad for my skin, my bad. I also never moisturise straight after coming out the shower, the few times I've done that it just makes me feel a bit sticky, air dry's the way to go! Also I'm so awful with my mascara, they're definitely past their sell by date of 6 months, I just put off buying them so much because I hate spending over 9 quid on one mascara when you don't even know if it's going to deliver beautiful lashes as advertised in their enhanced adverts. I'm just terribly stingy with money and hate blowing loads of money on one item that i'm not even sure will work that well, it's such a risk! 

In other news, i'm about to start applying for my student accommodation, scary stuff! I'm so scared about ending up in my last-choice pick and I'll live with people that I don't get on with at all and I'll be like Howard in Fresh Meat who's just a recluse and everyone else sees him as the weird housemate! oh student problems... it all just makes me think of the god awful sorority house in House Bunny with Emma Stone looking probably the ugliest she'll ever look before her makeover, thank god I don't have to deal with the even more complicated university system in America! 

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