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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Just realised, I have said absolutely nothing about the other side of my university degree.

To be precise I shall be studying "Modern Languages and Contemporary European Studies", which is essentially French, Spanish and European history. Hopefully I shall be studying at Southampton if I get my all-important grades, I am so excited! 

I'm not completely sure what made me want to do European history precisely, however I know for sure that there's only so much British history I can take. I'm always interested in what was going on alongside the Reformation in England, in Germany, France and other powerful countries. Also, if i'm going to study French and Spanish in depth, I really want to the know ins and outs of it's background; the history is what has shaped their present societies, prejudices and memories. Spain's history is particularly fascinating, the country comprises of 17 autonomous regions, meaning that technically Spain isn't completely united as many are self-governing, such as Andalusia, Cataluna and the Basque country. For a long time Spain was made up of various kingdoms; Aragon, Castile, Murcia all ruled by different families.

Sorry nerdy moment. I really want to know about European countries that are never talked about, particularly on the eastern side! It seems that not much is taught about their background apart from when many were under Soviet rule, and for me it would be interesting to see what their country was like before being controlled by the USSR. 

I have loved history from around the beginning of secondary school, and sometimes I enjoy writing essays as much as I like learning about most aspects of people's reigns, when I'm in the right mood. My motivation for studying it at uni is that if it's a topic i'm ridiculously interested in, I 'll love writing about it as much as I like learning in depth about it. My parents find it hard to understand, as both are very sciency people whereas I am awful at sciences, shame I didn't get their clever genes! 

So yes I'm super excited to study history that I genuinely want to learn about, yayaya, shall probably tell you a little more about my degree later this year!

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