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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

No this is not me being rude, voila my next music phase!

Around year 9 I experienced a massive appreciation for the likes of bands on Kerrang music channel after becoming a bit bored of MTV Hits on the tv. My favourite at the time was You Me At Six, hence my post title, from the song "Save It For The Bedroom". I'm not really sure what took me from normal pop chart and country music such as Taylor Swift to such a different style of music, I remember distinctly that some of my friends talked about more "Alternative" music which i'd never bothered to listen to before, and found that I quite enjoyed it! It's pretty true that school friends can have a big influence on what you choose to listen to.

What I liked about YMAS was their thumping guitar rhythms and their lyrics were easy to sing along to, however after a while I found their songs a bit samey cause they didn't change their melodies too often. Nevertheless, I shall always love "Take Off Your Colours", "Stay With Me" and "Underdog", they're my favourites out of the lot and pretty fun to jump around to!  


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