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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bit of a different post tonight I feel, but music plays such a big part of my life so I thought I would tell you about the artists and bands I currently love, old and new.

First up is Jack Penate.

I'm listening to a lot of his songs from his recent album "Everything Is New", my favourite being "Pull My Heart Away" - literally in love with this song, it reminds me of walking happily in the sunset after a busy day. I love the gravelly Britishness of his voice, it makes his sound young and fresh, but not so much that it sounds too indie or alternative. His little guitar riffs that feature in many of his songs such as "Got My Favourite" are addictive but don't interfere with the lyrics which are always important for me because I love singing along! I would say that Penate is a perfect summery listen, so chilled whilst injecting upbeat rhythms that have you bobbing along throughout.

Second is another male artist, Ed Harcourt.

Right now he's helping me fall asleep quicker than anything. That's not to say his music is boring enough to do this, completely the opposite! He writes beautiful  ballads that are extremely touching and heartfelt. I've posted about him a while ago which you can read here, showing that this man has really made his mark on my music taste! My favourites remain "The Cusp and The Wane" and "The Pretty Girls", which excitingly featured in last week's Made In Chelsea I was so happy! His raw voice contrasts sharply with beautiful and delicate melodies played on a piano, which creates a mesmerising sound to listen to. Pretty sure I've fallen for this man's music.


and finally, OneRepublic.

I am literally obsessed with Native, their newest album. It's so perfectly motivational for me at such a crucial time in my school education, and to the band I am supremely grateful. Almost every song has a very positive and encouraging message with it that can change my mood in an instant. My particular favourites are "Burning Bridges", "I Lived" and "Feel Again" - all so happy, with incredible lyrics and inspiring messages, not a mixture to be found in music as of late. I'm also loving "Good Life" and "Secrets" from their older music too, "Good Life" has such a personal attachment to it that makes me smile everytime I hear it. I love that OneRepublic are so versatile in their song choices, in each album they attempted different approaches to keep their sound fresh.


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