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Friday, 31 May 2013

Just had a MASSIVE brainwave whilst procastinating in front of the TV trying to forget about my looming exams Monday and Tuesday... I notice the tiniest things about people and thought that I would do a weekly post on things I have observed. People's individual quirks are so brilliant thus I think I will love doing such a kind of post.

So here we go!

1. British people are SO apologetic. The amount of times I have apologised to a chair or a table for getting in their way is ridiculous. We apologise when someone else has bumped into US, or for telling someone the cold hard truth. It's a silly trait for us to have, personally I'm told that I apologise for stuff that is just not my doing at all, I feel that it shows that you empathise with people if you say sorry, but I also think that British people are so scared of causing a fuss so smooth any kind of conflict with a weak little "sorry". We should bulk up a bit and not feel bad for something that's not our fault!

"OOH SORRY I'M SO SORRY" Classic Inbetweeners. Source:

2. Libraries are such odd places. I would know very well, I have spent 3 days this week in my local library revising, you see people from such different walks of life in there. I've put up with annoying girls laughing too much rather than revising, people who don't know the meaning of silence, people watching reaaally strange Youtube videos (bagpipes, don't tell the bride, the list goes on) and my favourite, people falling asleep at their tables and over their newspaper. I could people watch all day in there if possible, but then again I don't think I'd get any revision done.

Hahaa couldn't resist. Source:

3. The wrong volume of music in public places can really irritate people. Another library- related finding (been there too much); as soon as you hear beat thumping from someone's elses headphones, everyone stares as if you've committed murder. I'm not completely sure why people become so riled about this- it happens on public transport too, I think people see it as an annoyance because it demonstrates a disregard of social awareness. As a result I am SO concious of the volume of my headphones in case I annoy others, besides it annoys me when you can hear every single word of someone else's song so much that you could sit there and sing along with them.

Made me chuckle hahaa

So there we have it, some things I have observed about behaviour this week! Let me know if you enjoy this kind of post! and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin and Twitter (:

Cheeers (: xx

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