Monday, 20 May 2013

Having had my blog now for 3 months I thought I would give my thoughts on how my blog is progressing. It feels like I've had it for way longer as I post every three or four days at the moment, too much revision and homework to do!

I would also say I'm happy with my blog design for now, it took me a little while to fine tune the smaller details but now I have I'm happy I gave it some time (: I think my design is quite different to those that I follow but I think it represents my personality quite well. I haven't grasped the idea of the button share things as I haven't become close to many bloggers yet but I'm becoming a big fan of various blogs who I follow continuously. Hopefully I'll be in that position later!

I think my blog isn't a particular genre, I really enjoy talking about music and my life and a little bit about beauty, but I don't feel I know enough beauty -wise to give others advice! I love reading other people's reviews though; they've heavily influenced my choice of new beauty products, and I certainly wasn't disappointed with the results! Other bloggers are also great for a little inspiration when I'm lacking the imagination, and it's nice to follow the lives of some of my favourite people (:

I'm pretty happy with the amount of views I've had so far, i've gained a few followers here and there and i've had some really lovely feedback aswell! Really grateful to a few continuous readers, i'm surprised having only posted for 3 months, it's encouraging stuff. If anyone has comments for me as to ways I can improve I would be happy to learn (:

Here's to another 3 months! Cheers xx  

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  1. congrats on blogging since feb. I am the same. I am changing my layout lots, trying to find a theme to posts that I like etc. It's all a work in progress isn't it? But it's fun and so are the twitter chat was my first fbloggers chat. :) keep up the posts and having fun


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