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Friday, 17 May 2013

This week has flown by in a flash! I'm buzzing as in just over an hour I'm off out to Giraffe for the first time for a friend's birthday yaaay spanish food (: Also ate in Loch Fyne Wednesday my body hasn't liked the amount I've stuffed my face this week... but hey food relaxes me!

After my rather sombre and reflective post on Tuesday, I'm getting a little more excited about my various holidays coming up in the summer! First up will be Barcelona for 4 days with the boyfriend, I'm buzzing! Although I've already been 3 times, it's just such a beautiful city and I feel that I still haven't seen half of it! Will also be lovely practice for my Spanish as he can't speak a word of it so the responsibility will be all mine.

Next up will be 2 weeks with my family in Aquitaine, France. Again a golden opportunity to practice my French before going off to university! My dad also speaks the language so it will be fun to have some more responsibility as previously my dad did all the talking. I love the south of France so I'm really excited to spend some proper time with my family before I leave for Southampton.

And finally... a fun weeks holiday with my group of friends from school to France again! We're spending two nights in Paris then moving on to Les Sables d'Olonne towards the South. One of my close friends also speaks French but we're the only two out of seven of us who speak it so it should force us to really give it a go! It'll be so nice to have a laugh and enjoy each others company just before going our separate ways, can't wait!

So there we have it lots of fun holidays to look forward to, just gotta get through my exams first!

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