Tuesday, 14 May 2013

This week for me so far is going well I feel, had my second exam on Monday for French speaking, I was extremely nervous but I think I've done okay! Also went on a little spending spree just before my exam in my local Boots and Superdrug, to take my mind off the worries, was rather happy with what I came out with! Eye makeup remover, which I've never actually owned before naughty me, new shampoo and conditioner, bright yellow nail polish yaaay and that well hyped hot cloth cleanser from Superdrug, I'm expecting a lot from it!

Anyway enough about my exciting purchases hahahah, I thought I would talk about a rather scary prospect approaching in the next week; it will be the last ever week at secondary school. I reckon it will just hit me randomly and I'll get all emotional and upset. I've particularly enjoyed secondary school given that I didn't enjoy primary school much. I know that everyone says "oh those were the days" but I was a shy child and never felt like I fit in with my classmates. I think I really started being myself around year 9 at my school when I found my amazing group of friends who I still have a laugh with today!   Because of them I'm much more confident and express myself without caring much for what others might think.

Also, the environment at university is gonna be a little surreal for me as I've survived 7 years at an all girls school, hello bitching and pettiness! Actually it hasn't been as terrible for me as it could've been, in general I'd say I just kept my head down and attempted to avoid as much drama as possible. I've loved not being distracted by boys at school so that I could concentrate a lot better, also it's obvious that some girls change around boys so you generally see girls completely as themselves in this environment. What's more I've been able to keep relationships and friendships with boys away from school, they're a nice break from constant girl communication.

So yeah it's gonna be a big change for me and my friends but I'm super excited to go! I hope that I'm able to keep up with my mate's lives as well because I imagine it can be all too easy to get caught up in the "student lifestyle" and forget about your close friends back home. I'm feeling optimistic and excited now yayay (:

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