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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Five Guys, Burger and Fries

There are many well-known trends that are synonymous with "blogger hype". Whilst some traits I share with many other bloggers (hot drinks, cute vintage decor) there are plenty that I can't really get my head round.

Five Guys
Just to be really clear first: Yes their burgers and fries are nice. But am I the only one to think the place is a complete rip-off? Where else do you have to pay separately for fries with your burger?! I went once a while ago, and found this out the hard way. The cashier asked me if I wanted fries with them, and I thought he'd said do you want extra fries? So I said no. So I paid maybe 6.50 for a burger with no fries. There are an abundance of amazing burger places all over the UK now, so why is it the place that charges the most for the least value is more popular? Forget Five Guys, take me to Wetherspoons.

Fresh Flowers

Home decor details. If you have "pretty books" - put them like this, with flowers and candles near a coffee table or in the window.

You've all seen them gracing your instagram feeds, on a white background to really "make the colour pop". Of course, flowers are very pretty. Maybe I'm a huge kill joy, but I just don't understand what the point is. So, you buy some flowers, and then they sit in your room until you remember that you've forgotten to water them and they're about to die. Perhaps that's just me? I'd just rather buy something that will last longer than a few days, like food. The example above also perfectly represents my confusion with..

Over-hyped books in photos
This is one of the trends in blog photography that really confuses me. Did you read the book whilst admiring your lovely new candle? Is it related at all to what you're trying to post about? The two most common I keep seeing is "It" by Alexa Chung, which had some pretty terrible reviews, and is known as a book for Alexa to indulge in her love for herself and her amazing life as a celebrity, and the other "#GirlBoss" known as a preachy book about women empowering themselves without much real advice how to achieve empowerment. To be clear, I have read neither of these books so I'm going on reviews I have seen. However, the fact that these have become typical bloggers books completely undermines our intellect and capacity to read outside of the blogging world. So if you are to include pointless books in your images, at least try to use credible ones!

The reluctance to be negative
If someone tells you that you put too much Nutella on your bread - stop talking to them. You don't need that negativity in your life.

Guaranteed some time or another you've seen a blogger get angry about all the negativity in the "bloggersphere". In all honesty, why are we surprised at all that there is a tendency to be bitchy and catty? Although there are exceptions, blogging is made up of mostly women. We cannot argue that in real life all women are angels who never promote being negative and bitchy. I would never claim to be. So why on earth would it not sometimes crop up where many women are blogging, where there is sometimes a tendency to get a little competitive and jealous? I am in no way condoning being a blogging bitch, but negativity can be good sometimes, like ranty posts like this! It's fun to incorporate a bit of humour and sarcasm into blogging!

Do you agree? What trends in blogging do you not agree with? Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hahaha love this! I totally agree. There are certain things people claim to be 'obsessed' with that I don't get...like pizza, and doughnuts, and hot drinks like you said. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE all of the above, but I don't get why it's the 'cool' thing to like all of the sudden. They've been around for a long time; there's nothing exactly groundbreaking about drinking hot chocolate in the winter! ♡

    1. Ahaha I love pizza, donuts and hot drinks (especially hot drinks), yeah I feel like a lot of things have become a bloggers formula, to fit in with everyone else. hahaha yeah exactly a pretty standard thing!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more about this! Don't forget the expensive blogger candles, and the Sali Hughes beauty book. ARGH!! So many blogger hypes I don't get. As for Five Guys, I had it in America and I thought it was complete sh** so I don't get why everyone's obsessing over it here, and I had no idea it is so expensive!! x

    Laura at Lola and Behold


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