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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Good evening gallies! I've been really busy buying stuff for my uni room (so exciting!!), and preparing for my girls holiday this Sunday to Paris then La Vendee (double exciting!). Recently I noticed a 20% discount on all beauty online at Marks and Spencer, and jumped to buy some posher products.. my bank balance isn't enjoying all this spending right now but I'm pretending not to hear my purse crying.

So here's the pick of new shiny things I've accumulated recently..

The big beautiful satchel was my birthday present from my lovely lot of friends! The size is perfect for me, just big enough to fit in all my uni stuff without drowning my small body, and I LOVE how authentic and slightly distressed the leather is, I definitely prefer the "worn in" look. This one was from Scaramanga, a personal company which creates satchels to your specific requirements! Have a look at their site here - some seriously beautiful creations.
Yesterday after work I decided that I certainly needed a bigger and more practical purse, as my previous was simply about to burst and at times refused to close - pretty worrying! This patent beauty is £15 from Marks and Spencer, not bad for the amount of space you get.  

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Redness Primer
This interesting green purchase was another impulsive choice on the last day of my holiday in France. I got this for 6 euros but in England it retails at about £12 - 13. I thought this a perfect opportunity as my poor red cheeks suffer every day and stand out if I don't keep them in control with primer. And since this is specifically anti-redness, I've certainly noticed the difference it makes to my complexion but cancelling out most of pinkness. The size looks pretty small for such a price, but you only need two small pumps to cover a few areas, so I reckon this'll last me for a while!

Pure Super Active Moisturiser
My first divulge into higher end skincare (well, I call almost 10 quid for a face cream high end). I bought this for £9.50 at Marks and Spencer, and I'm so impressed at how little you need to cover the whole face! This is literally going to last me forever I've barely even scratched the surface with it yet, and it's so rich, without feeling too heavy on your face afterwards. I've noticed a subtle difference after using this moisturiser almost every night for around a week, my complexion is much more even and clear in the mornings.

REN Jojoba Microbead Purifying Facial Polish
I got very excited to use this, seeing as their products are rather expensive, however the amount of hype surrounding the brand right now encouraged me to buy this online during a 20% off beauty offer at Marks and Spencer. I'm very happy I took the plunge, already I can see how much this has improved my skin. I love the texture of this as well, you can feel the microbeads on your skin when you massage it in, but not in such a way that it feels abrasive. My skin is much smoother and softer afterwards and in the morning. A good investment I feel!

And a few pics from my day in Southampton today! I was happy with how my hair and makeup fared, which obviously justifies a few vain pictures..      

Hope you enjoyed this post! Cheers (: xx

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