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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hello beautiful people! I am back from my second holiday, and ready to get back on track with my blog. I hope the holidays are treating you as well as mine have so far (:

So I noticed that I've already had my blog now for 6 months! It feels like I've had it for a bit longer to be honest, since I've been less active over the last month, but I'm happy that I've kept it up for this long without running out of content or ideas. In terms of views and followers and whatnot, I feel the progress has been a slow burner, but each day I get a few more views than before and I'm happy with this small achievement.

You may have noticed that I no longer display my number of followers on my page, and this isn't to hide the lovely bunch that do but just to remind myself not to get so caught up in the number game, it can be too easy to feel inferior while looking at other pages just because you have less. Furthermore I remember why I post, for good content and a fun escape rather than popularity. It helps to keep it as a light hobby instead of something serious!

I feel that I still post a wide range of content, and recently I've posted more beauty based things whereas before I was a little worried to come across inexperienced in what I was talking about. But now I have more confidence in my knowledge as I've learnt so many beauty lessons from other bloggers! They've also influenced me to try more products that have expanded my usual routine and made putting make up on much more fun.

I'm liking showing my readers more of my personal life as well, I used to feel a bit cautious about posting pictures for privacy reasons, but realised it's nicer to break up the text with a few pictures, i'm very much enjoying selfies.. hahaha. I must catch up with all the blogs I follow as my unread list is ever growing, which I'm sure shall provide brilliant reading (:

So there's a little round up of progress regarding my blog, I hope you enjoyed this post!
Thought I'd share a few photos from my holiday, who doesn't like noseying?! Cheers xx

Biarritz is SO beautiful.
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  1. Hi hun, glad to see that you're keeping well, your holiday looked lovely :)

    I think it's wise to not get caught in the numbers game, blog because it makes you happy!

    Kayleigh xo


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