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Friday, 23 August 2013

Hello gallies! I haven't posted about music for a while, and tonight I feel like giving a little update on what I've been listening to recently on my Ipod. I'm really getting into funky, dancy but minimal beats (Disclosure has left a big imprint on my music taste).


I started listening to this awesome guy a few months ago whilst browsing similar artists to surprise surprise Disclosure on Spotify. His music has an edgier feel to them though, with dirtier and less polished beats which is what makes his sound so addictive! My favourite of some he's released is without a doubt Living Like I Do, which features Sampha, another new favourite of mine, who has featured on many of Sbtkrt's tracks! The lyrics are really different to anything I've heard in a long time, nestled among a quick and urbany beat which keeps it so fresh. If you're a fan of Disclosure, I highly recommend this guy as he offers some more chilled but unique beats that make his sound so different.


If you haven't heard of this duo yet, you are bound to soon! First time I heard Aluna Francis' unique voice was obviously on Disclosure's White Noise (I am OBSESSED.) She has a slightly raspy but gritty voice which what makes their duo so memorable in my opinion, it really sticks. I'm rather addicted to You Know You Like It, which they released this year. It has such a cool and grungy but sexy vibe all the way through, I'm loving music with subtle sexiness at the moment it makes me want to dance! Give Body Music, their new album a listen as well, full of cool, sassy and poppy songs, perfect for getting ready to, or for giving yourself a little ego boost.


Jason Derulo

Okay really different from my other picks obviously, but how awesome have his new releases been recently?! As much as I love diverting from the charts a little, I will always have a place reserved in my heart for mainstream music; nothing wrong with catchy fun music! I am still hooked on The Other Side, so cute and emotional but so hot at the same time, how on earth he does it I shall never know. And how can I not mention his supremely sexy dancing in Talk Dirty; his newest release. And omg the drop is so ridiculously cool, trumpets or saxophone who knows but it's so addictive! Not so keen on 2 Chainz's input but we can't have everything can we? He has sexily danced his way back onto my Ipod.   

So that's my musical round up! Hope you enjoyed this post, cheers (: xx


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