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Monday, 19 August 2013

Hello gallies! Small milestone today, my 50th post, I'm quite surprised! So a little update on my past week, it's been a bit busy for me.. finally got my results and i'm going to SOUTHAMPTON (!!) in September! I was so shocked and over the moon when I found out, as well as feeling a massive weight lifting off of my shoulders, all my hard work over the last two years finally paying off. The same night I went out and celebrated with many chums, safe to say the night didn't end brilliantly but I had a lot of fun nevertheless! Here's what I wore for the evening; the dress was a 10 euro bargain from my holiday in France!

So there's my little update (: I'm feeling proactive so I'm gonna to post again today because I have a good post in mind right now, so keep a look out! Cheers (: xx

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