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Sunday, 15 September 2013


Hello people, tonight I feel like writing a thoughtful and ponderous post. Let me just say this first though, I am such a nosey parker when it comes to love and relationships, or more specifically, OTHER people's love stories. This is not to say I enjoy third wheeling people on dates or any nonsense like that, I'm just fascinated with the way people meet and how people's relationships eventually come to be.

I've had this realisation tonight as when looking at my Bloglovin' feed, I always keep a sharp eye out for posts from Le Love, which is a blog that posts anonymous stories from people who want to pour their hearts out on the site. It's so addictive! It's so interesting to see that so many people have suffered through heartbreak or are confused as to where their relationships are going. Obviously it's very sad to understand that they have been affected by a significant other, but it's also heart warming to read how deeply people have fallen for others.

If anything it gives me confidence, that one day hopefully I will feel something as strong with a guy as many others have experienced. I love the idea of love at first sight but don't feel it could happen to myself, as I'm quite a reserved person meaning I wouldn't drop my guard straight away. I'm sure everyone wants that lightning bolt that you see in movies; the problem is that movies always make these moments look so everyday, which consequently raises the expectation that it could happen to anyone when you least expect it. In reality, the majority of people meet their companions in a normal setting - at work, in a pub or club or through friends.

Nevertheless it's always interesting to hear how couples meet. I'm not sure what it is that interests me so much about these little stories, but it's often surprising at how slowly or quickly the relationship comes about. For example, I had known my last boyfriend for around 3 months before even getting to know him, little had I known our relationship would last for 2 years! On the other hand, some of my friends met their boyfriends and got together the same night, you just don't know how fate will play out.

So let's say I'm not completely nosey but it's just lovely to hear that most couples have a very unique story to tell, which makes their relationship unique! Hope you enjoyed this post (: Cheers xx

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