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Sunday, 25 January 2015

One of my favourite things about studying at Southampton is the walk I take to get to campus. I love sticking in my iPod after working at the library for a few hours and clearing my head by walking this route. The forest looks its prettiest on this kind of day, when the sun filters through the leaves and leaves pretty sunny spots all along the path. It also looks beautiful when the sun is setting, I often decide to walk home just to witness it! It's easy to sometimes forget about natural beauty that's right under your nose, and at first I thought that this walk was a little creepy.

 However the more I walk this route I notice the prettier things about it, and I love that it winds round and is almost shrouded in trees until you make it out and you're at campus. Southampton is just as green as my home town, so I feel like it's becoming almost like real home every day. It's important to notice the small things about our surroundings as much as we can, to disconnect a little from our obsessions with technology and just take everything in.

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