2014 in summary

Friday, 2 January 2015

Hey folks, 2015 is approaching at a rapid rate and on this New Years Eve Eve I thought I would summarise 2014 on a whole.

In terms of my blog, my commitment to posting and updating on social media has been very up and down. Recently it's been very much down, largely due to working over Christmas, lots of to-ing and fro-ing back home to Uni again, catch ups with pals at home, and a general lack of setting aside time to write quality posts. A few times I've started writing a new post, given up half way, saying I'd come back and finish it and then I'd forget about it and eventually delete it. I've loved building up my Instagram account for my blog (link here) however. It's allowed me to indulge in my bloggy side without spamming real life people and working a little on my photography quality!

This year I've participated in a lot more blogging chats, particularly #lbloggers and #socialbloggers, as I find the topics are much more enjoyable than the more specific categories like beauty or fashion. In general I would say I've lost interest in reading fashion and beauty related posts, apart from a few absolute favourite blogs which I mentioned here and a few others who continue to interest me. Aside from that, I seek out an increasing amount of lifestyle, travel, and relationship posts, mainly because I'm nosy and I love insights into other people's lives!

Regarding blogging stats, I've been pretty happy with the progress I've made this year. I've gained a steady amount of followers however I continue not to place so much pressure on myself to have a lot of followers, it would take the fun out of blogging, and therefore continue not to display followers on my website. It's helped me to focus on content and layout.

My life offline has been quite up and down this year, with the majority being positive! I had an amazing summer, a brilliant first year at university, with a few low points along the way but I overall enjoyed myself. My first semester in second year has been quite tumultuous, with my confidence being quite shaky with the sudden workload piled upon me, I've shed a few tears because of the stress I've placed upon myself with also having a part time job and other commitments. I feel much freer now that I've left my job, leaving me to focus in new year on revision, getting assignments done and enjoying the increased free time I have!

2015 is looking to be an amazing year ahead, with a holiday with my boyfriend lined up, my year abroad approaching in September (eeek), hopefully a summer working abroad in France and lots more university fun in between! I've never been a resolutions person but I aim to post more regularly (I think I said this last year) and make more time for fitness, as work and university has gotten in the way A LOT this semester.

Happy new year to all! Thanks for reading x

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