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Sunday, 4 January 2015

I'm the first to admit that my old blog title wasn't the most obvious choice for a lifestyle related blog, sometimes I regret my choice as it seems a bit too specific to languages. Therefore I wanted to explain to my lovely readers where the name came about, what it means for me and my blogs' aims and why I've still chosen to keep the name.

I first set up my blog in year 13, just after exam time in January when I was still waiting to find out about my university offers. I can't remember specifically what prompted me that very day to set up a blog, but like many people I'd been following a few "big" bloggers for a while and wanted to make one of my own. I remember sitting for a while, thinking of a name which would represent my interests, and laughably, it was French and Spanish (right now I hate Spanish aha!). In order to put them together into one title, I literally put the word "traffic jam" next to each other, first into French, then into Spanish. Et voilĂ ! Embouteillage-Atasco was born! In earlier years "Embouteillage" had been my favourite word in French and so it made sense to lump them together.

Initially I really liked the idea of creating posts in English and other languages, as it would be fun practice (hah) and it would perhaps be something that would set myself apart from other blogs. How not fun this turned out to be however! For any linguists reading you'll understand how time consuming it is translating, or paraphrasing a post in another language without translating word for word. Some of my most popular posts have been ones where I've also posted in French, such as one where I chat about hobbies, and one where I talked about my experiences in Paris, but these days I just don't have enough time to put posts into another language. Also I've began to see my blog as a chance to just enjoy writing in English, almost as an escape from other languages!

Even if I don't manage to write in French or Spanish any more, I still have an immense interest in European culture, therefore I still feel my blog title is justified. I'm so excited to travel this year and it'll allow me to truly explore my passion for travel and discover other people's cultures. So although it doesn't have the catchiest ring, I still can't imagine what else I would call my little space of the internet!

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