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Monday, 8 December 2014

Today, whilst at work on the tills, I witnessed a beautiful moment between a middle-aged couple whilst I put through their purchases. I don't often become teary through happiness of other people, especially those I don't know at all (except for movies, I get much too involved). Never before have I seen such blissful happiness between a couple, and I almost cried because of the strength of shared emotion. As I sit here writing I'm still getting choked up writing about this, it has left a profound effect on me and today was one of those days where I wanted to look twice at everything and appreciate life in all its glory.

The scene played out like this - the lady communicated to her husband in sign language, he responded to her and he proceeded to reach his arms around her. What really got to me most about this simple but beautiful gesture, was the way the woman's face lit up. The energy between them was just something I've never experienced before, a real sense of happiness. In less than a minute observing these people their connection spoke absolute volumes to me, the man looking at his wife in complete adoration and devotion, and she feeling loved and cared for.   

The idea of what constitutes "real love" becomes complicated when we create too many expectations of one another, what we bring to the table and how we can improve ourselves for the other half. Sometimes I think real love boils down to a fierce compassion for someone, a genuine interest in someone's well-being and their direction in life. What I witnessed today was the simplest form of love; enjoying each others company purely because of who they are, and the connection you have with one another.

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