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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Hey beauties, just a short post today. Since the spring is finally making an appearance in England, I realised I have no easy and lazy shoes to wear on hot summer days. Thanks to my limited student funds, I found myself in Primark. I bought the first pair for £4 and I just love the cute but not overpowering flower detailing on these shoes, since buying them I don't think I've worn any other pair of shoes. Because they are  were pristine white, I decided I wanted another pair so I didn't ruin my favourite pair!! This lead me to ANOTHER purchase of the brighter pair a few days ago for only £3!!

These are sooo comfy to wear, whilst they're hardly made to last a lifetime who can complain when they're such bargains! I'm off to frolick in my cute shoes off for a pub lunch have a nice day..

Thanks for reading (: xx

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