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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

When it comes to perfume, I'm a very sentimental person. In other words, I prefer having a small collection of perfumes that remind me of people and memories over a large stash of scents which do little but sit on my shelf. I'm also quite the hoarder. I prefer to completely use up one perfume before buying another, hence why every perfume featured here have been presents. It takes me so long to get through one bottle that I never get round to buying one for myself! My favourite perfume ever, which sadly has not yet been repurchased, is Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy, because it smells so amazingly gorgeous but because of the memories that come with it - days out with friends, nights with my family, the list goes on. And here are the rest of my current perfumes..

Fantasy by Britney Spears
In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a huge fan of Britney's perfumes. Completely affordable, never cheap or too sweet smelling, wearable on most occasions, and generally last a very long time! This was given to me by my mum last Christmas, and despite the fact I use this every few days, I haven't even reached halfway through the bottle yet. You only need a few sprays and the scent will linger all day, remaining just as strong as first spritz. The smell evokes some lovely memories over the past year, including a few shopping trips with my mum and sister, my holiday with my then boyfriend to Barcelona and leavers ball with my friends.

Moonlight by Ghost
This is my newest addition to my little family, another Christmas present from my mummy, she knows me so well! A moment's silence please for how pretty the bottle is, so elegant and simple but so striking. It's quite a strong scent, quite musky too so it's not as easy to wear during the day but after a few minutes, the intensity fades to a lovely floral scent. This perfume reminds me of the recent festivities of Christmas and New Years celebrations with friends and family, and of simply lounging about in the living room with my family watching the TV, something I'd really missed once I got back from uni.

The Fame by Lady Gaga
I love how innovative Lady Gaga's perfume is. When I first saw this advertised last year I thought "pah celebrity hype", but then I received this for my birthday from my then boyfriend. This stuff is gorgeous, very dark and indulgent but addictive. Like Britney's perfume, this is very long lasting, with a only a few sprays needed to last most of the day. The fluid is also black, cool no? As you can see from the picture I've gotten through quite a lot of this since receiving it half a year ago, without a doubt I've worn this the most out of all the collection. It's wearable during the day even for quite a dark perfume, because it smells so luxurious.

Poison by Dior
This is my far my least used perfume, simply because I prefer to only wear it on special occasions like nights out. It's very strong, without a doubt an evening only scent but when worn it feels so grown up to wear, I always feel a little more sophisticated! This was another gift by my then boyfriend, he was a very good listener when I was out shopping with him, always picking out the right perfumes. This is also the oldest perfume in my stash, being a Christmas present from two years ago. It always evokes memories of my first year of sixth form, when school started to get serious, and with Christmas that year being very relaxed after having stressed out for my first term!

So that's my little perfume family! Enjoy your week (:

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