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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hey guys been a little quiet on the blog front this week, exams unfortunately were calling! Today I'm gonna give an overview of music I've been listening to on repeat.



I only started listening to Banks back in November, but my god her music is so addictive! Full of sultry, pounding beats that really grab the listener. Her voice is beautifully minimal, at points she's almost whispering but this helps to contrast with the powerful beats that pulsate throughout her songs. My favourites have been "This is What it Feels Like" and "Waiting Game", with bouts of emotion whilst remaining remarkably detached from soppiness. If you're a fan of serial crooners like The Weeknd, you'll like her.


Without a doubt Lorde has been my most listened artist out of all my choices. Alike to BANKS for the minimal but powerful beats, but with a girly, young sounding but unique voice. I love the meaningfulness of her songs, constantly referring to the dilemmas of fame, cliques and wealth. At the same time she manages to sound so wise and indifferent to other girls her age, as she shuns vanity and self obsession in "White Teeth Teens", and yearns for a more interesting life away from high society chitchat and pretences in "Tennis Court". Her sound is so fresh, I can understand why she's often compared to Lana Del Rey, however both individuals have very unique genres which enables them to be recognised at first listen.

London Grammar


Slightly women heavy post I know, ladies are astounding me! Next up is London Grammar, a trio who have created much hysteria in the past year. As you can see there's quite a pattern here of music I'm loving; minimal and sophisticated beats, with stark and unique voices to contrast. Hannah Reid's voice is so haunting, angelic almost with a shocker once her voice soars during the choruses. My favourite track of theirs at the moment is "Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me", very addictive, progressive and very easy to listen to. They also as a group have a rough, urban edge that stops their sound from becoming too soft and quiet. 

I would say I've been glad to discover a host of women that no longer feel the need to use their body image in order to stand out in their music videos - it's their voices that really shine through. It's nice to see a change in the music industry and how current music has become less about forgettable lyrics and money-driven beats that are sure to storm the charts, and in the process earn the labels lots of money. Very refreshing! Thanks for reading (: 

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