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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

So my lovelies it's almost the end of another year, and what an interesting year it has been! This is my round up post, and my hopes for 2014.

2013 was the year of;

Stress - Before year 13 I had never knew I would experience such levels of stress and worrying just to get into my favourite university. Of course all the hard work over the last 2 years was completely worth it in hindsight, however this year I had many moments where I thought "Why am I bothering?" and even worse, "I'm not good enough". Since going off to uni my confidence has certainly increased, but the amount of pressure my tutors place on me gets me flustered every now and again. In 2014 I will aim to doubt myself less, and go with my instincts more, because often my initial thoughts are correct, and I'm afraid to trust my initiative. 

Holding onto my closest friends, and forgetting those who don't matter - This sounds rather negative I must say, however it is impossible to keep in contact with a host of half hearted friends who don't want to make the effort. I've learnt, during these recent weeks in particular, that however little time you have free to meet up with people, if that person means more you will make the extra effort to squeeze them in. It's all too easy during the semester to get caught up in the flurry of meeting a million people at once that you can forget those who matter the most. I knew before I left who I would and would not keep in contact with, and I have more or less stood by my predictions. However in 2014 I aim to meet up with people more during the free time I have because any time is precious.

Discovering an outfit formula that works for me - This year I began a timeless love affair with skinny jeans and a blouse. It sounds pretty dull, but there's so many ways to make a look different with this combo; with a jumper or sweater layered over the blouse, with a cosy cardigan, or with a leather jacket as I found this year. This is partly due to the fact I've grown to love my figure, whilst I am as short as they come, I have an hourglass figure with hips and a bum and I love it! I like to keep my jeans skinny, I prefer to keep the top half covered up and floaty, in a perfect balance. In 2014 I will keep my figure in shape with the help of badminton 3 times a week, and be a little more experimental with my outfits.

Falling deeper and deeper in love with Disclosure - Hands down "Settle" has been my most listened to album of 2013, with Disclosure being my most on repeat artist. No matter how many times I listen to their material, every track sounds so fresh and new. I listen to them when I really need to concentrate on getting a piece of work done, or when I really need to walk quickly to get somewhere, as if their addictive beats encourage a sort of efficiency! Also the collaborations are so perfect, Sam Smith, London Grammar and Eliza Doolittle being the best, the vocals just fit so well with each unique track. I found many other loves this year including;

Drake (always.)
Lupe Fiasco
Ed Harcourt

in 2014 I predict I will fall deeper in love with Banks, London Grammar and The 1975. They're all growing on me!

Starting this blog - It's strange to think that I started this blog in February this year! This also means I'm fast approaching it's first birthday, how time flies! Although the last few months I've been very lazy with posting, it's been lovely to see I've continued receiving regular views despite the lack of activity. However over the christmas holidays I've enjoyed getting back into posting again and also reading other people's blogs more actively. At first I aimed to post on my blog mainly in French or Spanish, and I certainly lost interest in this after around 5 or 6 months. Given this was around the time of all my exams, I think for a few months I was glad to relax and barely write or speak a word of modern languages. I do miss posting in French and Spanish, seeing as my university seminars encourage as much extra work as possible in 2014 I will post more regularly in foreign languages to keep up my translation skills.

And here's a summary of 2013 in photos..

Happy new years eve everyone!! Thanks for reading (:

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