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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sorry, it had to be done, the only song that comes to mind when I think of my favourite things!

Slightly more beautyish post tonight, I don't normally post about it as my collection isn't very grand, and also because I'm rather stubborn with buying any makeup above a tenner, student budget! Here's a collection of my favourite beauty products which I use every time I choose to wear it, normally have school every day so usually only wear makeup at the weekends!

As you may note, I don't have many steps in terms of makeup building up, literally moisturiser, primer, foundation (don't EVER need blusher because my cheeks always have a natural flush... so annoying) then mascara and sometimes if I'm feeling daring I'll add some eyeliner too. I enjoy putting on my makeup, I just don't see the point in using so much stuff like highlighter and contouring, time consuming and often makes looks worse!

Fantasy, Britney Spears
Whilst I'm not a fan of her music, you can't deny that she makes some damn good perfume! I also have Midnight Fantasy, cannot get enough of both! This larger size was a present from my boyfriend for our 2 year anniversary, it's an impressive scent that's not too overpowering during the day but great to make you feel a little more confident, and is one that has received many compliments when wearing it. They've both lasted ages, you only need one or two sprays and it stays all day, such good value.

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil
Known as the cheaper version of Mythic Oil, which I also have, this stuff is so effective! I love just adding a bit after blow drying my hair, as my hair sometimes gets a little dry at the ends, and this adds a bit of gloss to every day hair! The smell is so gorgeous as well, really summery and fruity so that my hair doesn't have that tell tale product smell that using a lot of product can leave... It never weighs down my hair which is reaaally thick or looks tooo shiny like some serums can do, it's just perfect!

Garnier Moisture Match, for dull skin
I'm lucky with my skin that I don't get many spots or too much oilyness, however sometimes my skin just looks so tired and rough. I've only purchased this recently, after reading about the range of moisturisers of various blogs and thought I should give them a go. This comes out in a clear goo-like texture, and a little certainly goes a long way, otherwise it can look a little too dewy, but once it's completely sunken in I think it makes a difference to my complexion! The price is good value for money aswell, an essential that will never break the bank.

Avon Clear Skin Blemish Clearing Mask
This product was quite a surprise discovery, I must say. I found this whilst having a little nosey through my mum's beauty stash, and thought hey why not, my forehead was looking a little spotty. It's a peel-off mask that you leave on overnight that dries clear, which you apply to any spotty areas. I found that this stuff is great in general for getting rid of nasty stuff on your face, blackheads and all... so the next night I used it all over, and my skin looked SO much clearer! I don't know what the price was as I had stole it from my mum, but hey if we run out I'll buy the next tube!

 17 Photo Flawless Primer
I bought this after realising that I should use primer before putting on my foundation, only found out from reading other blogs unfortunately! I'm so glad I trusted the review I'd read, this primer really makes a difference. I sometimes found that my face would get a bit red when at work during stressful times (sensitive skin :( ) but this stuff makes sure my foundation stays in place all day whilst keeping my complexion even and radiant! I also love that this primer is way primer than most out there, I'm hardly willing to spend over a tenner on something I'm not sure would even work. Even though the tube looks pretty small, you only need a tiny amount to cover all areas on the face, so I know I won't need to buy another for a while!

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation in Light Vanilla
This is one beauty product I'd happily purchase over and over again. I used to use the old formula and i'm so happy they've improved it, the old one was good but not as effective as how it is now! I looove the packaging, it's so pretty and looks so nice in my collection! I love how easily it blends, how quickly it sinks in, and overall how welll it brightens my complexion without looking too shiny. I feel more confident wearing this foundation, I just feel more mature and happier if that doesn't sound odd!

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara
I've used this mascara for a long time now.. it's a good all rounder, not too expensive, doesn't smudge, gives good volume and length and a nice base for other mascaras! (I use 3 and layer them, cursed with short rubbish lashes). I would be upset if I didn't have this mascara in my lil' routine, just feels so empty without it!

and there we go (: cheers! xx
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