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Monday, 24 June 2013

A little weekend overview this lovely Monday morning, I've had a fun past week! As a legal adult, I went out with a group of buds to celebrate the end of exams for the first time. It was soooo busy with a lot of people from my year or a similar age, a nice atmosphere though with a lot of dancing on my part! It was a really enjoyable night, I'm glad I got to spend it with some of my best mates (:

Friday I had my usual badminton training session, in which I get the opportunity to play with better county players than myself, which I find to be quite a humbling experience. It's easy to become complacent once your ability has reached a certain standard, and the shock of other players doing far better than me reminds me how much I should work if I should ever want to access that level of ability. It's rather sad at the moment seeing as I don't have many sessions left with my coach and group that I've been with for a long time, as I'm off to uni in September. I'll miss the girls that I've grown close to over the years; some I've trained with since year 11!

Saturday I had work with my usual 10 - 7 shift, I often tend to look forward to it, probably because now I only ever work one day a week, it's nice to catch up with a different set of people. The thing I love most about work is that my department has such a wide range of ages, I get to have a laugh with a 22 year old and at the same time a 60 year old! It stops me acting my young age, and gives me confidence that I am treated the same as an individual maybe 30 years older than me, it's refreshing to be seen as mature and experienced.

Sunday was the night of my friend's surprise sleepover; it was an exciting prospect as we hadn't had a big old sleepover with our group for a looong time! We felt about 13 with a film, Warm Bodies to be exact (helloooo Nicholas Hoult!) snuggled in our duvets with face masks smothered on our faces (: I love just sitting around with my friends as much as going out somewhere, conversation always leads to something deep or extremely gossipy! The picture below shows me freaking out as Morrisons was about to close and I needed to get chocolate supplies for the sleepover, so we dashed down in the car as quick as we could.

my sexy face masked self

the girls in our face mask and jammies state; our nicest look.

So all in all, a lovely and fun packed week! I hope you guys enjoyed yours (: Cheeers xx 
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