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Monday, 17 June 2013

Prepare for a slightly photo heavy post, it is Rihanna after all! I can safely say this has been one the best experiences of my life so far. As some of you may know, Rihanna is one of my idols, my favourite female solo artist EVER and I have pretty much all of her albums. I could not contain my excitement for this evening, and it's been the best birthday present I've ever received!

More about the concert itself, we stayed in a hotel in Twickenham around 10 minutes away from Twickenham Stadium, and we arrived around 2, having time to get ready! We met a couple at check in who were also going to the concert so we share taxis with them both ways, lovely people! And as taxis are SO expensive in London, we managed to save a fair bit too. 

The wait outside the stadium wasn't too bad, I had been expecting an absolute dog fight to get in but we didn't have to queue for long! Plus we had seated seats (hahaha) so there were no worries about getting to the front for a standing, we had a perfect straight on view of the stage! Rihanna's support act was the incredible David Guetta, he was sooo cute, he had brought his whole family with him for the first time and he got the whole stadium going with loads of remixes of his best hits. This provoked much seat grooving on my part (: In other words, best support act ever!



Me and my sister, love her to pieces!

Onto Rihanna herself, she was beyond INCREDIBLE. She had so much energy, and I loved the fact that she was laughing along with the crowd and dancing like her amazing self! It reminded me that she doesn't take herself so seriously and that she appreciated the support the whole stadium gave her. It was breathtaking, as soon as she entered, everyone sitting rose up and I swear I stood dancing along the whole 2 hours she performed, such an exhilarating feeling!

The loveliest moments for me were when she'd just chat to us all like a cute group of friends; like David Guetta all of her family were there for support, and she asked the whole stadium to scream her name. It was an incredible moment. I think I sung and danced along to every song that I knew, literally screaming the words in happiness.

I am so thankful to my mum for getting me the tickets and for me giving me such a brilliant two days! Best birthday ever, one which I will NEVER forget.

What I wore, trusty Primark jeans and Marks and Spencer blouse!

I love this picture SO MUCH

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