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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sorry another Disclosure related title, I can't stop! Here is my next instalment of my weekly people watching observations;

1. Little comments about you from others, good or bad, really stick. It's natural for human beings to wonder about what other people think about us, and positive and negative feedback give a very distinctive insight into other people's conceptions of us. I remember very clearly many compliments have told me, they're nice to hear every now and again, they remind you that you're well liked or admired. However I also have just as many negative comments lodged in my mind that slightly affect my confidence daily. During an awful Formspring phase at my school, most girls were getting each other back by posting horrible and bitchy anonymous messages on each other's walls. I wasn't harassed nearly as much as others I know, still some comments really stung and make me self concious of these aspects all the time.


2. The name of the university you're going to matters to people. It's a sad fact that there is a clear division in people's minds between brilliant uni, okay uni and rubbish uni. And name is everything; everyone's looked through the prospectuses and looked for the higher ranking unis, sure Bolton's the lowest ranked uni in the country but it doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't teach subjects well. Another problem with my school is that it's really pushed us and expected us to go for good unis for our predicted grades, whilst there are people in my year who simply aren't made for it or the type of study just wouldn't suit them. The first question after are you going to university? is which one. I'm guilty of this myself, in year 12 judging the quality of institutes on ranking and reputation, which I had no right to do. In realising how difficult A levels have been, has made me want to work doubly hard for Southampton because I don't want to take for granted my lucky position in being able to go to a highly ranked university!

3. No matter how long you've had your hairdresser, it's too easy to lie about the finished product. I've had my lovely hairdresser for about 3 years now, and I still find it impossible to say to her that I absolutely love my hair when I don't. To be honest I hate getting my hair cut, I massively dislike my hair in that bouncy and just cut state, it just looks too fresh and new. It's nothing wrong with my hairdresser, she always does a really good job, I just find it impossible to let her know when I'm not happy with it at the end, as I know that later I'll come to appreciate my cut anyway. I'm so used to having my hair long and thick I think it's the shock having such lightweight and cut hair, I imagine I look like a boy when I've had maybe 1 or 2 inches off. My British politeness just gets in the way!

That's all folks! Cheers xx

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