Tuesday, 19 February 2013

To my delight i've now received all of my university offers, I feel like my hard work has paid off!

I've felt pretty stressed while waiting for my replies but now a lot has been taken off my shoulders (: Also I feel that English weather has been pleasant today, sunny but not too hot and not too cold either. A relief not to have to wear extra layers, beauutiful.

I've been looking at other people's blogs recently and I often wonder where their ideas come from. Since I'm not sure yet what overall I will talk about, and I lack quite a lot of imagination, hopefully I will find little things that happen each day to inspire me.

Another little fact about me, my ABSOLUTE ideal man would be Justin Timberlake. Just look at him; he evokes sexiness even from his nose and feet. He could make a toilet plunger sexy. But I also noticed that his music from around 2002 always sounds current, so beyond that noughties and nineties sound. He may be older nowadays yet he still sounds and looks youthful which makes it acceptable for me to see him as a total sex symbol. He is one artist who shall alwaaays cheer me up when I feel low; a real classic! He was also completely beautiful in the Social Network, and Friends with Benefits of course. 

I haven't posted anything on the twitter account for this blog yet; perhaps when i get a few more followers hahaha! 

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