Friday, 22 February 2013

I wish I could comment on fashion as an expert.

It's funny to think that some people's opinions on fashion and trends are more respected to and listened to compared to an average person on the street. For example fashion editors in magazines. If you think about it, their opinion doesn't deserve more respect than some average joe but it's their title which commands that authority. But then I guess thinking about it that they've had to work their way up to gain that respect. Sorry bit of an odd thought there.

I personally love it when people ask me what I think of someone's outfit.

I work in a shop on Saturdays and I'm touched when someone asks me in the fitting room on what I think of their outfit. I would never just say it looks good to sell our clothing, I'd feel so guilty for lying! It makes me feel valued in a store instead of just one of the insignificant staff. 

Speaking of which, I was appalled at the service I received today in a certain cheap store that rhymes with Bismark... Literally the man said nothing at all, not even the total of our transaction, barely looked up and dumped our clothes into the bag, not attempting to fold and then slamming it front of us on the till. I had half a mind to sarcastically thank him for the delightful service. It disgusts me that these people are willing to give their store a bad reputation, because it's true that many stores are well known for awful service,even if it's not true with every single sales assistant in the store. 

It's so frustrating for someone like me who always works on a till, because I would feel so guilty for making a customer's day worse for any reason; it's pure laziness not to smile and be polite because it's honestly not hard at all and every customer deserves to be treated with the same respect in the way you would expect to be served in a store. 

Rant over!   

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