"Embouteillage" is my favourite french word.

Monday, 18 February 2013

I'm not sure why it stands out so much for me but it's definitely an extremely fun word to pronounce.

I think it stretches back to when I was still a beginner at French in year 8 or 9, but for some reason "embouteillage" has just stuck. With an improved accent now it's even more fun to add in to conversation.

So i'm not completely made up on the purpose of this blog yet; I do feel like I've wanted to start writing on something because I'm bored of the internet at the moment. There's only so much refreshing of my facebook homepage that I can bear! Also i've been massively inspired recently by Suzie Bubble's Style Bubble, I can't believe I've only just discovered it. 

So a bit about me; I currently study French, Spanish and History at sixth form, UCAS is all done and dusted and just waiting on my last offer, keen badminton player about 3 times a week and I live in a cosy, affluent area of South East England. I also love fashion like many girls my age, particularly with magazines like Company and Glamour.  I've felt rather bored with my life for some time and I realised I've been rather lacking in hobbies while focusing so much on my schoolwork! Therefore this blog may become a bit of a brainfart of thoughts and ideas but hopefully soon I will decide which direction I can take.

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