Lack of imagination

Monday, 18 February 2013

I'm really struggling to come up with a cool and unique blog name.

It's weird to think that really famous bloggers had names that perhaps they didn't believe would become so renowned and memorable today. Therefore I've left my title "Sans titre/Sin título" since I love French and Spanish and I really like the word título to be quite honest. I often find that my preference for either language changes regarding my confidence in my ability, for the moment I would say I really enjoy French.

I'm hoping it will just hit me at some point and that'll be it! 

A bit more about me, I also go through odd and unprovoked music phases; currently I love Watch The Throne by Jay-Z and Kanye West while at the same time adoring Gabrielle Aplin's beautiful voice- so haunting and calming, and she never goes over the top when showing off her range. She's also ridiculously beautiful I must add.

I've just set up a twitter account which will go alongside this blog, as many musicians and also interesting fashion people post interesting things which should give me inspiration if I need it! 

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