Why I chose to move to North London

Monday, 2 April 2018 London, UK

Why I Chose to Move to North London

Why I Chose to Move to North London

About a month ago, I made the leap and moved to North London. After six months of commuting to work from home I was exhausted from the hours travelling was snatching away from me. I reached a point where I needed to start having a life again; I was also spending an exorbitant amount of money essentially getting from A to B.

So I made the leap and I haven't looked back. It was overwhelming knowing where to look first - it's one thing visiting London every now and again but I knew nothing about what it's like to live in London. Also, I was unaware of how different the North, West, East and South parts of London are to each other. For anyone who's never lived in London, it can truly feel like being in a little bubble that is really quite different to other parts of the UK. After a few weeks of trawling Spare Room and Open Rent aimlessly, without knowing properly to start, I realised I had to think a little more practically.

I thought about how long I wanted my commute to be - a little depressing as a starting point but a necessary factor to consider! I was already commuting for over an hour each way before (like I can't even deal with the idea of doing that anymore oh my god), I wanted to find somewhere central and well-connected that wouldn't cost me a fortune to rent. I mean, everywhere is expensive in London but I was thinking within the price points of the city. However, I also wanted somewhere with green spaces, since I work in Shoreditch and it is crying out for some greenery not a million coffee shops!

For these reasons, I chose North London - it felt like the right place for me. My flat is located conveniently right between Kentish Town and Hampstead Heath - I love that I can stroll along to both in less than 10 minutes as well as Primrose Hill and Camden! It takes me about 20 minutes to work in Moorgate, although the tube can get very overcrowded at times. I mean, for a few stops I don't mind getting cosy with someone's armpit!

So far, I've found that the people are friendly and helpful, especially in my building. I feel safe walking around at night and the area has a pleasant atmosphere, so I feel like like I've made the right decision for the moment. Young professionals my age tend to gravitate towards areas in South London such as Tooting, Clapham and Balham, I think this is because they're seen as "up and coming", but being honest, that just didn't interest me at all. There's something more relaxed about the people here. I wasn't too bothered about living like a student again - I wanted to feel at home.

The last few weekends, I've made an effort  to get out and about and explore a little. I loved exploring Hampstead Heath and seeing all of the happy doggos and the cute little town with plenty of bakeries to choose from. I am thoroughly obsessed with England Lane in Belsize Park for the most wonderful coffee and cake shops around. I love walking past all the colourful houses in Kentish Town, especially when coming back from Lidl. It's all about balance right?

I'm excited to get to know the area better over the next few months, I haven't had enough time to start truly feeling like a Londoner yet but I'm waiting for it to happen!

Thanks for reading! Are you a Londoner? Which part do you live in and why? Tell me everything!

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