Hidden food heaven at Penrose Kitchen, Truro

Sunday, 15 April 2018 Truro, UK

Hidden Food Heaven at Penrose Kitchen, Truro
Hidden Food Heaven at Penrose Kitchen, Truro
What did everyone get up to during the long weekend? As I got on the train down to Cornwall at London Paddington that Thursday, it appeared that the whole world was going to the South West! It was genuinely the worst train journey I've ever had, clearly relishing every moment that I had to stand for two hours before finally getting a seat on this four and a half hour journey.

However, stepping off the train at Truro felt like being transported to another world. This was my second time in Cornwall and the beauty of this place is the feeling that you've truly escaped from the rest of the world. The pace is slower, even on a bank holiday weekend! We went on so many walks where we saw maybe two, three other people the whole time and it was wonderful.

I felt like I shook off a lot of tension and stress that has been sitting on my shoulders as I've slowly adjusted to living in London. On the Saturday night, me and Jack headed out for the evening for the dreamiest date night to review* the hidden delight that is Penrose Kitchen in Truro. This restaurant is hidden both in a physical and foodie-sense; it is nestled down a foresty country lane sitting beautifully beside tranquil lily ponds and is a burgeoning South-West food gem, having won a prestigious Cornish food award within a year of its founding.

Previously, this contemporary building was a well-loved tearoom and a local favourite. The owners Sam and Ben re-launched this wonderful space as early as February 2017 and we were taken aback at how at-home we felt upon stepping inside. There was a roaring fire, with huge comfy sofas sat nearby, and on the other side, a collection of pristine tables. Quite honestly, it felt like being in your rich friend's living room for dinner! We could see the whole kitchen which is rare, with Ben working busily away in preparation for the evening service.

We were greeted warmly by Sam and we chatted with her for ages before finally deciding to take a seat. We arrived early evening around 7pm, so we were the only people in the restaurant at this point, and it was perfect. After scanning the menus and gazing around the place, we started with drink orders. I've really gotten into gin recently so I chose the Penrose Pink Gin and Tonic, and as you can see from the photos, the glass was literally the size of my head! Jack went for an Espresso Martini, which was rich in coffee taste rather than sugary syrup which is refreshing.

Hidden Food Heaven at Penrose Kitchen, Truro
Happy with our drinks, we then agonised over the food menu for what felt like a lifetime. I love that Sam didn't once rush us to make a decision - we enlisted her help for her recommendations because the options sounded so divine. For the starter, I chose pig cheek and pork belly, which came with a white-chocolate infused sauce and spring onions. Oh my goodness, there are no words for how beautifully cooked these two cuts of meat were. The pork belly melted in the mouth, it was juicy and full of flavour. It was a very happy food moment. I'd never tried pork cheek before and it was soft and falling apart, and was rich in meaty flavour.

Hidden Food Heaven at Penrose Kitchen, Truro
Jack meanwhile opted for the lamb with poached raisins and a king oyster mushroom. In his own words, the lamb was wonderfully tender in texture, with a great contrast between a crispy outside and juicy on the inside. He loved the way the sweet poached sultana sauce brought the whole dish together (he is quite the wordsmith himself). In short, we were incredibly happy with the starters and there were two more courses still to come!

Hidden Food Heaven at Penrose Kitchen, Truro

After a little food pause and more chatting with Sam, we agonised further over the main course. I was keen to try a fish dish after my starter, but there was something stopping me to commit. Duck breast. My absolute weakness - I'll go for any meal with duck on offer.The gorgeous main included two pieces of duck breast, fondant potato, soft butternut squash, finished with cumin puree and chicken jus. It was perfection! The duck was tender with a crispy skin, the potato was sweet and fluffy and the cumin puree gave a tasty savoury kick to the dish.

Jack actually chose a fish dish, a halibut fillet which came with golden beetroot, potatoes and clams. The fillet was meaty, and he was loving the addition of clams, spinach and beetroot to the dish. We were feeling suitably bursting by this point, simply because the dishes were so rich and full flavoured. We had a long pause after this and ordered some more drinks and relaxing. 

I chose a French Martini, which was zingy and sweet, meanwhile Jack opted for a Chocolate Almond Tumbler, which looked super classy and cool in a beautiful tumbler. We then started thinking seriously about dessert, as we have ridiculous sweet-tooths! As we cast our eyes over the options, we knew straight away only one would do - the Chocolate Assiette.  

Hidden Food Heaven at Penrose Kitchen, TruroOur dessert arriving was like one of those wonderful moments in life when everything just falls together. On this beautiful plate was a thick and velvety dark chocolate mousse, which melted in the mouth and was unlike any mousse I've ever had. The ice cream was handmade white chocolate flavour, and the perfect compliment to the richness of the dish. Balanced against this was a piece of dehydrated chocolate, something I've never tried before but omg it was so good. Essentially, it was crunchy chocolate on the exterior but chewy on the inside. I was a big fan! 

Lastly, there was an indulgent handmade brownie, which unfortunately I was simply much too full to finish off. I really wanted to finish this but I had reached my limit. The evening was truly unforgettable - this is hands-down some of the best quality food we have ever had. I would thoroughly recommend Penrose Kitchen to anyone who happens to visit Truro; it is in short, a beautifully hidden food gem that deserves the award and recognition it has received since its opening.

Hidden Food Heaven at Penrose Kitchen, Truro
I am dying to go back the next time I'm back in Cornwall and see Sam and Ben again. Me and Jack had the most perfect evening. Thanks for reading! Can you remember the best food you ever had? Tell me all about it!

*This is a collaboration post. I visited Penrose Kitchen in exchange for a review. However, all opinions are my own. To find out more, see my disclaimer.

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Hidden Food Heaven at Penrose Kitchen, Truro

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  1. Looks amazing! I've never been to Cornwall but it looks lovely! The best food I ever had was in the US where we stayed at a 5* hotel and the restaurant overlooked a golf course! The food was absolutely DIVINE!


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