Why following our gut-feelings is the key to happiness

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Why Following our Gut-Feelings is the Key to Happiness

Doesn't it feel powerful when we listen to our gut-instincts and do what we actually want to do, instead of something for the benefit of others? A friend recently commented that it's a quality about me that she admired, and I often wonder why so many of us much too frequently bow to the social pressures thrown our way, especially in adult life. Honestly - who hasn't said yes to doing something they really, really don't feel like doing just because their friend is planning to and they "really loved" if you came too?

It's a skill we've all got to learn. People love the idea of being busy and constantly on-the-go, which means that valuing our free time has never been so important. So much is expected of us in daily lives - have a great job, a big group of friends, lots of hobbies, eat well, exercise, make time to socialise and often, at the bottom of the list, look after ourselves! 

The beautiful weather we had last weekend brought these pressures to a head (ie it was sunny so why the hell weren't you drinking at a BBQ with all your friends soaking up the rays?!). On Sunday, my gut-feelings said no. They were telling me that I would rather enjoy a run in the morning and then I did my own thing in the flat, pottering about and taking it slow. It was a perfectly simple day and I loved the tranquility of it all. 

All it took was listening to how I was feeling on the day; I had initially planned to run on the Saturday morning but when I woke up, I just didn't want to, so, I didn't. Ta-da! 

Unfortunately, we don't have the privilege of making decisions like these in every aspect of our lives - turning up to work or taking the bins out for example are non-negotiable. This means that we shouldn't forget that our free time is highly precious. It astounds me that we have all in the past sacrified our Saturday night to go to a party for people who may not deserve it or appreciate it! Even worse, when you don't feel like going to something you rarely have a good time anyway.

Quite frankly, what is the point of giving in to pressure to benefit everyone but ourselves?! My suggestion for us all is that next time you are invited to something that doesn't interest you or just isn't worth your free time, think before you commit to it and listen to your gut-feelings. We spend so much time doing mundane but necessary things that can be a bit boring or unpleasant (perhaps both), so why say yes to something that wastes our time? 

Simply taking a few seconds to listen to our instincts and having the confidence to say no feels powerful and more importantly, it allows us to enjoy every possible moment on our terms.  

Thanks for reading! Do you often feel pressure to do things that sacrifices your free time? How do you manage it? Let me know below!

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