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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Valentine's Day and Ideas

Valentine's day for me has always been quite an easy-going affair. Personally, it doesn't hold as much importance for me as an anniversary date with my boyfriend. An anniversary is your special day, and nobody else's. Why is it that we feel that we need to act particularly more affectionately and lovingly towards one another because of a certain day every year? As the much used saying goes, every day with your partner should feel like a special day, that you like to do things for each other and surprise one another from time to time, not just on Valentine's day.

Social media has increased our awareness of our image online, and while perhaps severe overshare was quite a big problem on Facebook feeds a few years ago in regards to other halves, my age demographic in particular seems to have grown up considerably. They therefore share less about their personal lives and perhaps feel less pressure to tell the world how in love they are and how perfect their relationship is, rather they are just enjoying themselves. Instagram, on the other hand seems to place invisible pressure on bigger accounts and personalities to thrust some pretty roses at their viewers, normally with a caption such as "luckiest girl in the world", "so spoilt".

However, for the most part people seem to be opening their eyes to what's in front of them, putting their phones down a little more, and in turn making us want gifts that show thoughtfulness and care. So I thought I would put together a few ideas of my own, after Personal Capital got in touch to investigate ways to keep the Valentine's day celebrations heartfelt and a little more purse-friendly.

A classic sunday walk
Who doesn't like going for relaxing and scenic walks on Sundays?! Perhaps pick somewhere you've both not been to a lot, take some chocolatey snacks (there is never a bad time to have chocolate spare in your bag) and take in the fresh air and if you had a dog definitely bring it along too! Talk about everything on your mind, discuss the niggles in your brain and open up. It can be easy in relationships to store those silly little worries about work, life and family safely away in your mind but it'll feel amazing to offload and discuss with the person you love.

A cute and filling brunch
Why not prepare a huge feast for brunchtime after a long and lazy lie in? Rustle up a big stack of pancakes, make some strong coffee, and pile on the chocolate sugar and strawberries of course!

Make your own cosy home cinema
Grab the blankets, make some thick and yummy hot cocoa (have you noticed the chocolate theme running through here? Chocolate = happy heart) and watch a movie. I'm not talking netflix and chill here either. Me and my boyfriend absolutely love thrillers, murder mysteries and generally films that make our heads spin! Put on something that grabs you, makes you think, discuss and even argue over!

Take the train to somewhere new
Get off the train at a stop you've seen but never visited, have a walk round, find a nice café and relax. People watch out the window and take in the new surroundings. New experiences = new memories created for the both of you.

Valentine's day doesn't need to be a lavish affair, in order for you to spend quality time together. What do you normally for Valentine's day with your loved one?


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