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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Do Bloggers Take Themselves Too Seriously?

Is it just me that's noticed a change in the attitudes of bloggers over the last few months? Having read a few similar posts on this topic, I thought I put would put in my two cents. I can't be the only one who's sick of seeing advice post after advice post on how to grow your following, how to start a blog, how to improve your blog photography etc. Blog chat topics are increasingly narrow and frankly boring! Should you invest in super expensive photography equipment? Being your own brand, "originality". The irony of this insistence on being original and talking about what you're truly passionate about is that I see less and less new and interesting content on the blogs that I follow.

Wishy-washy topics such as "learning to love yourself", "finding your voice" are spilling into my feed and I need to ask, where's the factual and unique content gone? Posts where people discuss their hobbies, their day-to-day lives, news topics that interest them, I hardly see them now. And yet, some bloggers (not all, I'm not trying to tarnish everyone with the same brush here) take themselves so seriously, as professionals, as experienced bloggers who feel they need to impart their wisdom to everyone else because they've had their blog for a year now and they've built up a considerable following. I understand that some genuinely are intending to help others, and want to give out a few tips for new bloggers who feel a little confused. However, blogging is no one-size-fits-all by any means! That's the point of it! That they have unique selling points such as being a go-to for a certain topic.

I'm part of a few blogging forums, and they are starting to drive me nuts. Almost every single post and question asked is about growing their following, sponsored posts, how to find sponsored posts and making sure they're paid. Where is the want to improve your writing skills, to pull readers in, to deliver engaging and interesting content? I get the impression that some bloggers have developed this sense of entitlement to being worshipped at their feet by brands and PR because they have a website and some followers. I understand the need for full-time bloggers in order to earn a living and a consistent wage, but you'll find those bloggers are more subtle with delivering sponsored content that doesn't seem so in your face.

All of these factors are putting me off blogging right now. This attitude of "what's in it for me" is really unhealthy, establishing connections with PR's should be a two way street, something perhaps longer term in which you both enjoy the benefits. Granted there are many unpleasant PR's out there too who look to get as much out of bloggers as they can with little in return, but if you have respect for your blog these companies shouldn't really get a look in. I want to read blogs with new and interesting ideas, those that make me wonder and question what I thought previously. I still follow blogs like that but they are becoming few and far between.

Rant over! Do you think the blogging community has changed?


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  1. I completely agree, people are seeing it as a career path and not a place for hobbies anymore and that's sad. Because there are more successful, money making bloggers out there now, everyone want a piece of it and sometimes it can just look like a robot has written some posts. I think we should all just stick to what we enjoy and if your blog is successful, that's an added benefit.



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